Medium Michelle Paisley’s “All in Her Head”

Michelle Paisley

All In Her Head

Although her book, “All in Her Head,” is fictional, medium Michelle Paisley addresses challenges many people face – body image and self-esteem. The lead character participates in past life regression via hypnotherapy, and in this life, encounters a near-death experience.


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Ann Bender


“It’s not a toy.”  Ann Bender of Capital City Paranormal shares practical dowsing information as to the different types of tools, purposes, and how to correctly hold dowsing rods.


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Super Brain Yoga

Joselhyt Day“You can’t fly with one wing.” Pranic healer Joselhyt Day explains the technique and benefits of Super Brain Yoga, as promoted by Master Choa Kok Sui in his book of the same name.



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Animal healing

Katherine Windfeather-Thompson“… there were times when I was challenged to question the value of being openly clairvoyant in a cowboy town.”

When Doves Cried and Horses WeptAlthough caught up in an abusive marriage, licensed horse trainer
Katherine-Windfeather Thompson
 pursued a journey of self-discovery of her natural gifts as a clairvoyant and animal healer. In her book, “When Doves Cried, and Horses Wept,” she shares that journey, which included recalling a negative and unhealthy pattern in past lives, and the necessity of ending it in this one.


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Color Puncture

Are you interested in acupuncture, but needles make you squeamish?

The answer may be color-Nicole Markpuncture, which integrates ancient and contemporary color therapy on the meridians, without any needles. Quantum Therapist Nicole Mark explains how this modality provides multi-level results.


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Energy Arts 101

Neal Liggins“I think fun and challenge are synonymous.”

Do you know which martial art was developed by a woman? What should you look for in a Tai Chi instructor?

Neal Liggins discusses different martial/energy arts (internal and external), and what each offers for different purposes.


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City Mystic – New York: Tarot Deck

City Mystic New YorkGinnie Jester is the creative force behind City Mystic – New York, a unique take on the tarot deck, which allows readers to tap into multi-levels of stories and interpretations. Ginnie explains her vision behind the black-and-white photographic images for specific cards I randomly pull from the deck.

(For a backstory on Ginnie Jester and her former partner Chris Hopkins, visit Conversation Accessories.)


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Conversation with Nancy Matz

    Covering the past, present, and future, with Nancy Matz, psychic/medium, and author.


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Chakra nutrition

Chakra Nutrition

Chakra Nutrition

One way to maintain or improve your health is approaching your dietary regime from an energy perspective. That is, eating foods most appropriate for the largest energy points in our bodies. Joy Arnold, Holistic Health Coach & Nutrition Specialist explains the best foods for each chakra.


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Drumming 101

Metaphysical Talk Podcast

Learn the traditional ways of making drums, and the best ones to use for specific purposes from Don Schultz of The Different Drum. In this photo, he’s holding a spider web drum.


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