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Sound healing through voice

From a moving experience watching a Yoko Ono performance to teaching sound, voice, and music, Valentine Falcon shares her journey of becoming a vocal yogini, healing artist, and certified sound healer. Download

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Sound healing

“Bringing that orchestra back in our bodies …” Sound therapist Doug Parvin discusses the concept behind sound healing, and demonstrates the sound offerings from a variety of instruments and sound devices. Download

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Are you interested in acupuncture, but needles make you squeamish? The answer may be color-puncture, which integrates ancient and contemporary color therapy on the meridians, without any needles. Quantum Therapist Nicole Mark explains how this modality provides multi-level results. Download

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Energy Arts 101

“I think fun and challenge are synonymous.” Do you know which martial art was developed by a woman? What should you look for in a Tai Chi instructor? Neal Liggins discusses different martial/energy arts (internal and external), and what each … Continue reading

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Chakra nutrition

One way to maintain or improve your health is approaching your dietary regime from an energy perspective. That is, eating foods most appropriate for the largest energy points in our bodies. Joy Arnold, Holistic Health Coach & Nutrition Specialist explains … Continue reading

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