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Sound healing through voice

From a moving experience watching a Yoko Ono performance to teaching sound, voice, and music, Valentine Falcon shares her journey of becoming a vocal yogini, healing artist, and certified sound healer. Download

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Karin C. Uphoff, plant medicine

Karen C. Uphoff, author of “Botanical Body Care: Herbs and Natural Healing for Your Whole Body,” shares how we can change our personal vibrations simply by integrating plant vibrations into our lifestyle. Download

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Sound healing

“Bringing that orchestra back in our bodies …” Sound therapist Doug Parvin discusses the concept behind sound healing, and demonstrates the sound offerings from a variety of instruments and sound devices. Download

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Super Brain Yoga

“You can’t fly with one wing.” Pranic healer Joselhyt Day explains the technique and benefits of Super Brain Yoga, as promoted by Master Choa Kok Sui in his book of the same name.   Download

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Chakra nutrition

One way to maintain or improve your health is approaching your dietary regime from an energy perspective. That is, eating foods most appropriate for the largest energy points in our bodies. Joy Arnold, Holistic Health Coach & Nutrition Specialist explains … Continue reading

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